Watch The Awesome Trailer For 35mm Dystopian The Archivist

Oh boy, we love fun films, especially genre bending ones like The Archivist. The past few days the trailer for this one has arrived online, how can you describe Eric Hand’s flick?

Think Spaghetti Western meets Dystopian Sci-fi. This Certainly wears it’s inspirations on it’s sleeve proudly, especially 1970’s Dystopian sci-fi. Mixed in with plenty of Sergio Leone, Ennio Morricone, Roger Corman to name a few.It was also impressively shot on 35mm Technsicope, using the same cameras they used for The Good, The Bad And The Ugly.

The Archivist we find ourselves in the year 2070. An government Archivist Officer is put in charged to ‘destroy’ all remains of our self-indulgent past. Scouring the land and punishes those have them.

This looks totally bonkers, but we like it!!!

In the year 2070, Calder Benson is a government Archivist Officer charged by an increasingly invasive and restrictive government to destroy all elements and remnants of his society’s self-indulgent and avaricious past.

Spaghetti western meets dystopian sci-fi in a twisted new throwback to the good ol days of cinemas’ past. Filmed in glorious 35mm and featuring real life stunts. This film is sure to please fans of the old-school and new seeking something fresh in such a stale market.

The Archivist is directed by Eric Hand who co-wrote it with Bo Gardner. The film also stars Eric Hand, along side Dale Shumate, Butch Thompson, and Jennifer Giles. As for this one finding it’s way into the UK, good question. With Digital Downloads the source of all film nourishment for cinephiles, don’t be surprised this one ends up on a streaming service.