Watch The Giallo Inspired Trailer For Luca Guadagnino’s The Staggering Girl Short

After screening at 2019 Cannes Film Festival, The Staggering Girl Short film will be streamed exclusively on MUBI. The 35 minute film is directed by Luca Guadagnino, taking us deep into the haute couture.

MUBI have released a Trailer, promoting the film. The trailer doesn’t showcase much apart from the star studded cast.From the filmmaker who brought us Oscar winning Call Me By Your Name and totally bonkers Suspiria, anything can happen. The trailer really sets the tone for the drama, looks it takes inspiration from the Giallo genre.

The Staggering Girl stars Julianne Moore, an Italian-American writer returning to her childhood home. Hoping to convince her ailing blind mother to come with her back to New York, only for her ghosts of her past to confront her.

Guadagnino’s regular cinematographer Sayombhu Mukdeeprom is behind the lens again. Exquisitely crafting a rich gorgeous palette of colours, moody atmosphere…

Francesca is the troubled, expatriate daughter of the acclaimed German-Roman painter Sophia Moretti, who has descended into blindness. Triggered by a stranger’s secret confession, Francesca returns to her Italian childhood home to convince her ailing mother to follow her to New York. As daughter confronts mother, ghosts of Francesca’s youth return in an onslaught of pain, memory and fulfillment.

The film is scored by Ryuichi Sakamoto and produced in collaboration with Valentino’s creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli. Starring Mia Goth, KiKi Layne, Kyle MacLachlan, Marthe Keller and Alba Rohrwacher.

The Staggering Girl will stream worldwide exclusively on MUBI (excluding Italy, China, Japan, and Russia) from 15th February.