Richard Burton’s Villain Getting Fully Restored Blu-ray Release

30th March 2020 marks the return of a British crime classic with the release of the 1971 gangster drama VILLAIN, starring the legendary Richard Burton. Fully restored, and available on Blu-ray & Digital for the first time,

Directed by Michael Tuchner and adapted from James Barlow’s 1968 novel ‘Burden of Proof’ by the acclaimed British writing duo Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais (The Bank Job, The Commitments), VILLAIN is an intricate and graphically violent British counterpart to Get Carter and The French Connection which foreshadowed seminal 1970s television police dramas such as ‘The Sweeney’.

Vic Dakin (Burton) is a sadistic, gay, East End gangster with a mother fixation, a character loosely based on the notorious Ronnie Kray. For many years he has made a living from running a prosperous protection racket and, so far, has avoided arrest. After being tipped-off about a potential payroll heist, Dakin decides to step up his criminal activities and starts planning the job. He recruits a gang from the criminal underworld, including Wolf Lissner (Ian McShane), his occasional lover. This leads to greater danger and greater exposure with Police Inspector Bob Matthews (Nigel Davenport) watching his every move, determined to finally catch him in the act.

Special features
-NEW Interview with Ian McShane
-NEW Interview with Cultural Historian Matthew Sweet
-Behind-the-Scenes Stills Gallery

VILLAIN is the latest addition to Studiocanal’s prestigious Vintage Classics Collection and is available to pre-order here:

The film also stars Ian McShane, Nigel Davenport, Donald Sinden and Joss Acklund. Villain will be released fully restored for the First time on Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital, from 30th March.

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