Chris Evans In Line To Star In Little Shops Of Horror Remakes As The Dentist?

After a long time saving the world it looks like Captain America, will be caring about our oral care. Actor Chris Evans will be giving up his patriotic shield to star in Little Shop Of Horrors.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, he’s in talks to play the role of dentist Orin Scrivello. The cult movie turned musical is set for a new version to be directed by Greg Berlanti (Love, Simon). If he agrees, he’ll be joining Taron Egerton, Billy Porter and Black Widow again Scarlett Johansson .

Little Shop Of Horrors was released in 1960 directed by Roger Corman starring a young Jack Nicholson. In 1986 it became a musical directed by Frank Oz, starring Rick Moranis with Steve Martin as the sadistic dentist.

Evans character is not the film’s main character, Egerton will play that role Seymour. Johansson as Audrey, Seymour’s love interest but happens to be the Orin’s girlfriend. He happens to be a florist on skid row and Audrey plans to run away with her. Things take a strange turn when he discovers a Venus Flytrap he calls ‘Audrey II’. It first demands human blood, then humans themselves.

Only Billy Porter seems to be fully signed up as the voice of the carnivorous plant. Egerton and Johansson are still in various negotiation stages. Having Evans casted in the film is unexpected but exciting choice. After the success of his first Post Avengers with Knives Out he’s certainly going to have fun. With no pressures that come with taking lead role, and his inclusion may help other undecided cast to sign on.

If Chris Evans does sign on, it will be the first he’ll be singing on the big screen. There is no confirmed release date just yet, Warner Bros will be releasing this one.