5 times Will Ferrell surprised us


Friday 28th February, Downhill the English language remake of Force Majeure will be in UK cinemas. The original was directed by Ruben Östlund, who is onboard this one as a producer.

Will Ferrell and Julia Louis-Dreyfus star in this version, a black comedy sees a perfect ski family thrown into chaos thanks to an avalanche. Thanks to the actions of the father, forces the family to re-evaluate life.

To promote next weeks release of the film, we take a look a 5 Will Ferrell Films that surprised us.

DownhillPete Stanton
Ferrell teams up with powerhouse Julia Louis-Dreyfus playing Pete and Billie Stanton in this movie set in the Alps on a family ski trip. When the whole family is faced with a ‘near death’ experience, Pete’s (Ferrell) instinctual reaction (to grab his phone and scarper leaving his family behind) leaves his wife Billie to question their relationship. Don’t expect the usual laughs from Will in this one, but a darker, understated performance.

Everything Must GoNick Halsey
Nick Halsey, fired from his job, didn’t think things could get much worse. That was, until he returned home to find his belongings splayed on his front lawn. The realisation that his relationship is also over suddenly sets in once he realises the locks have been changed. Nick’s fragile demeanour of man on the edge spirals and the Will plays this deeply troubled character with great conviction.

Stranger than FictionHarold Crick
Imagine suddenly hearing someone narrating your every move in life.. Well, this is exactly what happened to Harold Crick. Things take a turn for the worse when he discovers that this narration is moving him towards impending death. Crick has no choice but to race against time and stop his pre-determined fate. Ferrell tugs at the viewers heartstrings in this one giving a very honest and moving performance.

A Deadly Adoption Robert Benson
When Will joined forces with fellow comedic big hitter, Kristen Wiig, fans weren’t sure what to expect. Laughs were certainly not it in this ‘lifetime’ thriller where husband and wife welcome their future adopted child’s pregnant mother into their home. As the title suggests, things start to go wrong and we see how our regular comedy favourites deal with such a deadly situation.

Happy EndingsCorbit
Corbit is a down and out failing Musician living and caring for famous author Don Holdin (Ed Harris). When Holdin’s daughter, Reese (Zooey Deschanel) is given an incentive to accrue some of her fathers’ writing she heads home and Corbit is the first person she meets. Corbit becomes enamoured with Reese from the outset and needless to say warms her into letting go of her initial agenda. We can’t help but smile a little at Ferrell’s endearing honesty as Corbit in this Indie flick.

Downhill is in UK and Irish Cinemas from 28th February.