“Welcome To The Afterlife” Watch Christopher Nolan’s Tenet First Trailer

Time Runs Out as Warner Bros finally release the First Trailer for Tenet. Christopher Nolan‘s time twisting, mind bending sci-fi thriller, what’s it all about? Good question and if your a fan of his films, expect cryptic clues only!

This one has been teased for a while and very few details have been revealed. John David Washington (son of Denzil) leads the line, someone trying to prevent a third world war. He seems to be a special agent of some sorts, passing a special test, greeted with ‘Welcome To The Afterlife‘. But who is he searching for?

The trailer does have the classic spy thriller elements with the Nolan trademarks throughout. Most of all full of mystery teases what might be happening. If Nolan had his way, first footage of the film you would see would be in the cinema itself.

Visually this looks fantastic, is it all about time travel? Possibly not. Why are we under the treat of World War 3? Washington himself has no clue of the threat either. We do see him with Robert Pattinson getting in some rope action up the side of a building. Is it all for Mr Pattinson getting some Batman training ala Adam West style?

A nuclear Holocaust does get mentioned in the promo, but we’re told the threat is even worse. Could it be something to do with the ‘reversing’? as Washington and Pattinson are going in reverse, could this be the time travelling part? ‘Tenet’ is that the machine or thing that helps our agents?

Whatever it is, remember this is a Christopher Nolan film. Sometimes his films are not made to be understood, just a vehicle of experience. Strap in guys and lets enjoy the ride!

The film stars Elizabeth Debicki, Dimple Kapadia, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Clémence Poésy, Martin Donavan with Michael Caine and Kenneth Branagh.

Tenet will be released in the UK, Ireland and the U.S on 17th July 2020.