13 April 2024

Watch Clark Zhu’s Moving Pictures 2019, Are you a hero?

2020 will arrive in less than four weeks and December marks the annual Movie Mashups. The season of those cool videos that look back at what has past are here. We do get many online every year and Clark Zhu‘s Moving Pictures is one of the best ones.

Today we get an look at his awesome 2019 edition and he never disappoints.

Moving Pictures, an annual movie trailer mashup that mixes up with over hundreds of movies from the year 2019 into an 3-minute montage. I have been working on this project for months, and now, I am beyond excited to share it with you‘.

No genre is forgotten about. With over hundred films squeezed into three minutes of awesomeness. From Shazaam to Midsommar, Knives Out to Downton Abbey and Captain Marvel to Avengers: Endgame. As we’re a UK Film blog there will be a few films not released just yet. From Boon-Jong Ho‘s highly anticipated Parasite, Queen And Slim and Sam Mendes World War One drama 1917.

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Here’s the tagline that came with this fabulous video…
One last time, pals… Thank you for your support for the past five years…

After five years this passion project, sadly will be Clark’s final Moving Pictures. We brought you 2017, 2018 and you can look back at 2016, 2015. Clark is a Los Angeles based trailer editor, so those fantastic videos are his trade. He’s no amatuer with the likes of CNN, Yahoo and Entertainment Weekly all hosting his videos. We are stoked he has chosen The Peoples Movies to host his final Moving Pictures.

You can head over to Clark Zhu’s website to get the full list of films shown in the video.

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