13 April 2024

Roll Up! Roll Up! Sleepy Skunk’s 2019 Movie Mashup Has Arrived!

Needing cheered up? Watch this! Roll Up! Roll Up! Watch and enjoy Sleepy Skunk’s annual Movie Mashup! It’s the best seven minutes you’ll have today!

We do love most years post certain things every year like Movie trailer mashups of the year. Sleepy Skunk is one of the best, some go as far as calling him the best. We won’t argue, he is great. Louis Plamondon Sleepy’s correct name has sent us over his latest mash up, and we love posting them. We have every year since 2014, check them out here including his other great videos.

How good was 2019? Let Louis aka Sleepy Skunk take you through what has gone…

In film land, December can be quite a stressful times for film sites and blogs. This is the month us writers and critics, compile our best films, worst films, disappointing films. Not forgetting whats ahead in 2020 and as we’re about to enter a new decade, what was good or bad in this decade. Mash ups like this one are great guides for compiling those lists, easing the pain.

Just running under seven minutes long, there is a diverse range of films on show here. Remember it’s not what was great, what was not great. The retrospective is what has past, did we smile, laugh, dry or even cringe at?

Louis has been doing these videos for over ten years, starting as a hobby. Hiding away in the whole of November creating these fantastic videos. Connecting the films with the music that like any film an integral part of the film. With over 500 trailers to watch, many we’ve blinked and missed, Sleepy Skunk reminds us. That’s dedication for you.

Louis is based in Los Angeles, which means there will be films not quite out in the UK. Enjoy and look out over Christmas, there’s a decade mash up coming!

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