New Poster Released For The Alejandro Jodorowsky Triptych

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We’re only a few weeks away from the first The Alejandro Jodorowsky Triptych rel-released in UK Cinemas. The highly influential Chilean  director  El Topo, the first release to get the 4K Restoration release. Today Arrow Films have released a Quad Poster promoting the 3 films.

First up will be El Topo, on the 10th January. The film is the director’s most violent and notorious film, a mind-blowing ‘acid-western’ which Time Out said is an ‘aesthetically intoxicating trip’. A countercultural masterpiece, which ingeniously combines iconic Americana symbolism with Jodorowsky’s own idiosyncratic surrealist aesthetic.

From the ambitious, controversial, violent to totally bizarre these 3 films perfectly showcase the masterful talent of Jodorowsky. A rare chance to see a true master of cinema on the big screen, The ultimate arthouse auteur. Just ask everyone from David Lynch to Marilyn Manson, how inspirational he is.

EL TOPO is released 10 JanuaryTHE HOLY MOUNTAIN is released 24 January and FANDO Y LIS is released February in selected cinemas by Arrow Video. You may have to search these three films out at your local indie/arthouse cinema. However if there isn’t a cinema near you showing these films, all three titles will also be released as a Limited Edition Blu-ray set in March 2020.