Movie review: 3 From hell (2019)

Directed by Rob Zombie
Starring: Sheri moon zombie, Bill Moseley, Richard brake and Sid Haig


This was personally one of my favourite movies of 2019 and one of the most anticipated.

After the success of House of 1000 corpses(2003) and it’s sequel The devil’s rejects(2005) many a Rob zombie fan have waited to see what would happen to the Firefly family after the epic ending that is The devil’s rejects. It was a cliffhanger to say the least after a bloody and violent battle the family managed to escape in a blaze of fire (literally). A lot of fans have been divided for years as to wether they survived the battle or not after all you can only fight for so long but then again these are some of the most savage brats and clever killers to grace our screens in a long time so maybe there was hope? And hope there was because when 3 From hell was announced we knew there was another bloody turn of events to follow.

Picking up from where The devil’s rejects leave off after the horrific shoot out with a barricade of police the three are captured and thrown into prison, awaiting the death sentence. A lengthy battle awaits them but a turn of events sees the escape of two of our main protagonists. Joined by third long lost brother they embark on a journey across America hiding from the law and leaving chaos and body’s along the way.

The movie itself definitely does its predecessors justice in that it holds up its end with blood, gore, sadistic charm and that family essence we’ve grown to love. The story itself was also refreshing it was a direction I never saw the Firefly’s family going in, so it was nice to see maybe some different shades of are beloved killers.

The cinematography is a masterpiece as we have come to expect from Rob zombie, with a beautiful soundtrack to accompany it also.

All in all I hold up my cards and rate this as a 4/5 a definite watch from me if you want to really root for the bad guys this is one for you.

Also if you’ve got a weekend spare with nothing else to do before Christmas hits why not watch them all and re-live the story once more!

Written by Jessica kane

Horror | USA, 2019 | 18 | Out Now (UK) | DVD, Blu-Ray, Digital | Lionsgate Films | Dir. Rob Zombie | Sheri Moon Zombie, Bill Moseley, Sid Haig , Jeff Daniel Phillips, Richard Brake

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