March 22, 2023

Ten genuinely scary horror movie moments.


Ten genuinely scary horror movie moments.

Every horror movie has its very own scary scenes but sometimes the moment you have been waiting for isn’t always what you want it to be and honestly if you love movies as much as I do it can be one of the most disappointing things.

So I have compiled a list of my top ten scariest horror movie moments so that you don’t have to waste your time waiting for the punch line!

  1. Creep (2004) The flashlight scene.

A basic outline: Kate (Franka Potente) attends a party with friends after leaving she goes to catch a train home in the London Underground but falls asleep at the platform. When she awakes she realises the station is empty and locked but whilst waiting for the station to re-open she realises she is not alone.

 The scene itself: This is the moment that we first meet the person causing chaos in the London Underground. After desperately trying to escape Kate stumbles into one of the storage rooms hidden underneath the tracks. Surrounded by boxes and darkness she sits alone but when she lights her flashlight to leave she realises there was someone in there with her all along.

9.The Grudge (2004) The bedcovers scene.

A basic outline: Karen Davis (Sarah Michelle Gellar) is an a American nurse who moves to Tokyo whilst looking after a family there she realises the house she’s working in holds a vengeful and powerful spirit who will rest at nothing to claim it’s next victim.

The scene itself: Susan after witnessing some unsettling occurrences rushes home thinking she will be safe there but no trying to put the thoughts to rest she gets into bed only to notice something moving inside. She lifts the bed covers to be faced with the demon and dragged under. Seriously scary.

  1. Wrong turn (2003) Under the bed scene

A basic outline: Five friends are travelling and run into car trouble after taking a wrong turn in West Virginia. A fellow traveler crash’s into their car and joins them on the look for help in the woods only to realise there is a family of murderers waiting for them.

 The scene itself: After finding what seems to be a deserted cabin in the woods our two main characters take a look around when the door opens and our killers step inside their home. With no where to run they hide underneath the bed. This scene isn’t exactly a jump scare so much but it’s definitely a tense creepy moment.

  1. Planet terror (2007) Needles. These are my friends scene.

A basic outline: After loosing her leg and waking up in hospital Cherry darling (Rose McGowan) realises she is in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and only her and a few others are immune to the virus. They must band together to survive.

 The scene itself: One of the doctors working that night have to administer and anaesthetic to a patient who will need an amputation. As she gives the injections she refers to the needles as her friends and each friend has a different quality.

It’s a very sinister scene indeed. Not to mention the rest of the movie.

  1. Orphan (2009) Esther’s reveal scene

A basic outline: After a still-birth Kate and John (Vera farmiga and Peter sarsgaard) make the hard decision to adopt. After visiting an orphanage they fall in love with a sweet Russian girl named Esther but once at home with the family trouble seems to follow Esther everywhere.

 The scene itself: After manipulating the entire family Esther finally gets John alone and tries to seduce him but when he rejects her she storms away to her room in a fit of anger. As she undresses and removes her false teeth and makeup you come to realise she is a fully grown woman pretending to be a child.

  1. Saw 2 (2005) The needle scene.

A basic outline: A small segment in the Jigsaw puzzle but eight people wake up in a abandoned house only to find out they have been inhaling a deadly gas for hours. Around the house there are antidotes but there are consequences for getting ahold of them.

 The scene itself: After tirelessly pacing around the house and witnessing many horrors one of the eight victims finds an almost empty room. Inside there are two hanging glass boxes with a syringe of antidote in each box. The underneath of the box is a mechanism of razors she puts one arm in one box whilst doing so slicing her wrists when unable to pull her arm out she puts her other arm in the remaining box leaving her helpless and bleeding.

4.Mirrors (2008) Jaw rip scene

A basic outline: Ben Carson (Kiefer Sutherland) takes a job as a security guard working in an old department store where a fire had occurred. Whilst working there he starts to notice horrifying images in the mirrors and soon finds out there are supernatural forces at play trying to manipulate this world through the mirrors.

 The scene itself: Bens sister Angie (Amy smart) is at home in her bathroom not knowing what power the mirrors have. Whilst looking at her own reflection she herself stays still but her reflection moves and grabs her jaw slowly pulling her apart she bleeds out and dies on the bathroom floor.

 3.Silent hill (2006) The nurses scene.

A basic outline: After her daughter having reoccurring nightmares about a town called Silent hill Rose (Radha Mitchell) takes her daughter there in hopes of solving the nightmares. On the way the car crashes and when Rose awakes her daughter is gone. Now she must venture into silent hill alone to find her.

 The scene itself: In order to get her daughter back Rose must enter the abandoned hospital within Silent hill whilst trying to navigate the maze of hall she  encounters a group of nurses all completely still holding scalpels and knives as she approaches them they all clamour towards her and she must find a way to get past them.

  1. House of 1000 corpses (2003) Dr Satan’s lair scene.

A basic outline: Two couples are on a road trip across america when the stumble across Captain Spaulding’s museum of monsters and madmen, where they learn the legend of Dr Satan a local surgeon and mass murderer. After leaving they are stopped by a hitchhiker and a flat tire. When they’re hitchhiker tells them she has a brother who can fix their flat they end up held against their will by the crazy family.

 The scene itself: After narrowly managing to escape the crazy murderous family one of the girls runs for her life through the fields where she falls down under ground into a mass labyrinth. Following the underground tunnels she finds two huge doors she throws them open to discover Dr. Satan’s lair and walks in on him performing gruesome surgery.

 1.Evil dead (2013) The box cutter scene.

A basic outline: A group of five go to a cabin in the woods in a last attempt to get the their friend Mia (Jane levey) clean off drugs. Once in the cabin Mia starts noticing strange things but when she try’s to warn her friends they pass it off as her just trying to leave. In the basement they find an old book in which it states not to read from or a demon shall be released but they ignore the warning and release the demon who possesses the weakest member of the group. Mia.

 The scene itself: They have possessed Mia locked in the basement but Natalie has to walk past the basement door and when she does it is open with what seems to be a normal Mia sat at the bottom of the stairs calling for help. Natalie walks down the stairs and then realises it is a trap but the door shuts before she can escape. On her back laying on the stairs possessed Mia crawls up her torso and grabs a box cutter from the shelf and slices her own tongue in half dripping blood all over a terrified Natalie.

 All in all these are a great top ten so if you want to be scared this is the list to take a movie from.