New Blue Story Featurette Discusses The FIlm’s Message

This coming Friday, Blue Story, the passion project of British rapper Rapman will be released in UK Cinemas. The film is set around his own personal experiences as well as his short film Shiro’s Story.

Ahead of the film’s UK cinema release, Paramount Pictures has released a new Featurette. In this new promo Rapman, Micheal Ward, Eric Kofi-Abrefa, Junior Afolabi Salokun, Karla-Simone Spence and Rohan Nedd discuss the release of Blue Story, the importance of the message and the unique direction.

As if that message does actually get delivered, we’ll talk about that in our review. Let’s just say our views have been very divided…

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BLUE STORY is a tragic tale of a friendship between Timmy and Marco, two young boys from opposing postcodes. Timmy, a shy, smart, naive and timid young boy from Deptford, goes to school in Peckham where he strikes up a friendship with Marco, a charismatic, streetwise kid from the local area. Although from warring postcodes, the two quickly form a firm friendship until it is tested and they wind up on rival sides of a street war. Blue Story depicts elements of Rapman’s own personal experiences and aspects of his childhood. The messages he aims to send through his works are positive ones, aimed at inspiring kids from difficult backgrounds to turn away from local gangs.

The film stars Stephen Odubola (The Legend Of Tarzan), Micheal Ward (Top Boy), Khali Best (Eastenders, Endeavour and Shiro’s Story Pt 2), Max Fincham (Pokemon Detective PIkachu, The Alienist), Kadeem Ramsay (Sex Education, My Brother The Devil), Karla-Simone Spence (Wannabe) and Eric Kofi-Abrefa (Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Fury).

Blue Story will be in UK Cinemas from 22nd November.

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