Join Us! Podcasters & Video Bloggers Wanted

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The Peoples Movies is looking for Podcasters and video bloggers to join us!

More and more websites and blogs like our own have their own podcasts, some also have regular video blogging too. This is where  we love you guys to help kick off our podcasting and video blogging sections.

What will the blogs be about? Will there be more than one? Yes and No. Our main aim is to start podcasting with one podcast eventually expanding. Do you have your own podcast ?  The podcast will be everything from the latest cinema and home releases, Netflix, Anime, horror, TV.

Video Bloggers you prefer to review films, shows via youtube? Or deliver your opinions, essays on film via video? We have a Youtube channel waiting for you to post your videos!

Do you need experience and skills? No experience really required, just passion and a lot of enthusiasm for the areas you want to blog about about. If you are very creative or full of ideas, even better. We need reliable talented folks who will stick to deadlines and will deliver what they promise. If you have the basic set up to host your own podcasting or video blogging , great.

Join us! complete the form below, good luck…