Tori Breyer (Elizabeth Banks) in Screen Gems' BRIGHTBURN.

Elizabeth Banks Starring And Directing ‘Invisible Woman’?

This Friday 29th November, Elizabeth Bank’s Charlie’s Angels will arrive in UK and Irish Cinemas.  According to Variety Banks is set to direct and star in Invisible Woman for Universal Pictures.

When Universal Pictures attempted to kick off their Dark Universe of classic monsters, it wasn’t great. The Mummy starring Tom Cruise was seriously bad, now it’s the female version of the classic Invisible Man Story.

The film will be based on a pitch Elizabeth Banks own idea. With The Girl On The Train Erin Cressida Wilson writing the script. What the plot will be based on we don’t know at this stage, as everything is under wraps. Banks has stated his version will be different from Leigh Whannell’s Invisible Man.

Some film history cinephiles will know The Invisible Woman has been a film before. It was the 1940 sequel to The Invisible Man and The Invisible Man Returns.

Banks version won’t be connected or be linked in any way to Leigh Whannell’s film. There is no plan to do a crossover film either.

Even after the failure of The Mummy, Universal Pictures have  decided to continue. The original 1940 film was actually more a comedy than horror. About an model who is made invisible by a crazy scientist who ends up getting involved with the mob. Will Banks version follow similar route ? Whilst we know the range of acting she can deliver is solid, she has made a big name in comedy. Or an statement that many women of the world feel ‘invisible’ in many parts of life?

The Invisible Woman project joins other horror projects such as Paul Feig‘s Dark Army. Renfield based on Dracula henchman  to be directed by Dexter Fletcher (Rocketman).