March 22, 2023

DVD Review – Moominvalley: The Complete First Series


Featuring the all-star voice talents of Taron Egerton, Matt Berry, Rosamund Pike, Kate Winslet, Will Self, Warwick Davis, Richard Ayoade, Akiya Henry, Jennifer Saunders and many more, Moominvalley is a heart-warming must-see for lifelong Moomin fans and complete newcomers alike.


The much-loved Moomin family star in a new, star-studded animated series, Moominvalley, based on the hugely popular work of Tove Jansson.

This hit series follows the curious and idealistic Moomintroll with his extraordinary family and whimsical friends, as they take us on an adventure into the magical world of Moominvalley, where we can learn more about our own humanity, relationships and emotions and especially about love.

Review from a new perspective

The Moomins have been around for many years, and thanks to Dazzler Media, Moomintroll and his family are back for a new generation to love.
Series One consists of 13 episodes and follows the life of Moomin at a slower pace than some of the crazed cartoons my son watches on Netflix. Loud characters, random text and bright colours, I’m sure you know the ones I mean!

This is set with more pastel colours and a slower, clearer pace. It follows a story, and not just to the end of an episode but throughout the series. You fall in love with the innocence of Moomintroll and watch how his small family and friends are introduced to us.

My son announced after episode one that he “really don’t like that little girl, at all”. – Little My

I did think this may be a little slow for him, but he sat and watched, well he binged the first four episodes in one go, and came home from school the next day asking to watch the rest, so clearly had an effect on him.

For those who remember the Moomins from previous years and versions, these are the same characters in a CG design, but what has kept through the years is the love and warmth that you feel when watching these “fluffy hippos” as my son calls them.

Take a break from the fast-paced, one episode one storyline, programs and step back in time to Moominvalley.

I don’t like it Mum, I love itMax, Aged 8.

Moominvalley: The Complete First Series out now on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital | Buy Amazon 

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