Disney Unveils It’s Release Schedule Up To 2023 (Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars…)

All looking good at house of The Mouse, Disney. With Twentieth Century Fox Pictures merged, Marvel having a strong year, the Studio has updated their schedule.

We’ve known for a while roughly when certain films would be coming out in the next few years, Disney have updated things up to 2023.

They have announced there will be 5 new Marvel films coming in three years.  All untitled, as are the 3 Disney Animated films, 4 Pixar films and 20 Fox projects.

The dates mention for Marvel are 18th February, 6th May, and 29th July.From the reports the 6th May date looks like will be for Black Panther 2. There is also 7th October release which potentially could be Blade with Mahershala Ali set to play the Day Walker. Ant-Man 3 potentially could be the July date.

As for 2023 release dates 17th February, 5th May, 28th July, and 3rd November. Could these dates be for Captain Marvel 2,Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Fantastic Four,Rebooted X-Men ?

We mustn’t forget we also have Black Widow and The Eternals in 2020, In 2021 Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings,Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Spider-Man: Far From Home sequel, Thor: Love and Thunder.

Deadline have updated on the Fox Projects. Matthew Vaughn’s The King’s Man, which is set for an 14th February 2020 release date looks like will be pushed back. Giving no reason for the change, it’s looking likely the new release date will be 18th September 2020. Not always a good sign when films pushed so far into the year (7 months). It will now be up against Tom Clancy movie Without Remorse starring Michael B.Jordan.

Other projects include Ben Affleck and Ana De ArmasDeep Water will still open on 13th November . Ridley Scott‘s The Last Duel the story of King Charles VI who challenges Knight Jean de Carrouges to a duel. The film  stars Matt Damon, Adam Driver and Jodie Comer as well as Ben Affleck who also wrote the script. That film will be on general release on 8th January 2021.

The untitled Indiana Jones film looks set for July 2021 release. The fifth film has been on the cards for a long time now, will it now finally see light? Before then Steven Spielberg has his new version of West Side Story in December 2020.

Rian Johnson will return to the Star Wars franchise on 16th December 2022, yet untitled film. Which means in December 2021 and December 2023 we will finally see Avatar 2 and 3!

2023 is a long way away and things can change again. We must remember the dates quoted are the American release date so UK release date will or may differ. With Disney+ about to launch end of March 2020, it’s a good time to be a fan of all thing Disney!

Source: Collider/Deadline

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