Watch The Trailer For PJ Harvey’s Mubi Doc A Dog Called Money

When it comes to great films, we just have to watch the extras of the DVD or Blu-Ray to see how that great film was made. As for great music albums we rarely get an visual insight and PJ Harvey’s A Dog Called Money Documentary is one of those rare insights.

Award winning filmmaker Seamus Murphy explores the creative inspiration behind PJ Harvey‘s ninth studio album. MUBI will be releasing the film and today we get a look at the film’s UK Trailer

Award-winning war photographer and filmmaker Seamus Murphy explores the creative inspiration behind PJ Harvey’s ninth studio album in this arresting collage-style documentary charting their travels together in Afghanistan, Kosovo and the US. Throughout their journey, he collects footage and images, while she notes down snatches of the lyrics, which later formed her album, The Hope Six Demolition Project. Back in London, Harvey inverts these ideas of documentation and scrutiny by inviting the public to observe the album’s recording behind one-way glass during a 5-week installation at London’s Somerset House.

Murphy’s film delves into each track of the album, unearthing the layers of process behind their creation, and the people and places who inspired them.

Dreamlike, elliptical and intimate, the film provides a stunning portrait of Harvey’s creative process – and unprecedented access to an enigmatic musical icon.

The film also features performances from: John Parish, Terry Edwards, Kenrick Rowe, Enrico Gabrielli, Mike Smith, Alessandro Stefana, James Johnston, Alain Johannes, Adam ‘Cecil’ Bartlett, Flood, Jean-Marc Butty, Mick Harvey, and Linton Kwesi Johnson.

A Dog Called Money will get a limited UK Cinema Release on the same day as it’s released on MUBI. That day is 8th November.