Sunday Short Theatre – Father Figurine (2018)

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We may crave the comfortable lifestyle in regards to money, but the filthy rich are an odd bunch. Well in Matt Kazman‘s Father Figurine they are, so much so that they want to get ‘stuffed’.

Apologies for not posting any Short Sunday Theatre short films, tonight we return with a dark comedy. It seems the comedic tone of this short are trademark for the director.  Father Figurine is all about that 1% or those folks who fleece of the many to fund the few.

When the wealthy patriarch of a family dies, they discover an unusual request in his will…

They say when you’re rich you can get everything, or do anything, money can buy. This 17 minute film sort of sums that notion up. On the serious note, this film is all about grief and regardless of wealth or not, grief affects us all. This film does highlight the bubble some rich like to live in and when you think about it, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if this happened in reality.

The film also has a 3:2 aspect ratio and vintage lenses that give this a distinctive visual feel. A still-portrait aesthetic that unravels how disconnected everyone is too. Despite the uncomfortable tone, the humour is sharp, witty, emotional even liberating at times. A nice uplifting ending even if it’s amusingly ironic.

Father Figurine stars Amy Landecker, Katherine Reis, Ryan Foust and David Rasche.

Source:Short Of The Week