TV Review – Brassic (2019)

A British black comedy with a heart of gold, Brassic is as a delightfully funny watch for when you’re looking for an easy night in. Starring the (slightly type-cast) Northener Joe Gilgun, we follow Vinnie and his gang of misfits through their whacky misadventures in Lancashire.

The same wit Gilgun brought to This is England (2006-2015), Misfits (2011-2013) and Preacher (2016-Ongoing) is echoed in the far-out comedy of Brassic, guaranteeing us a laugh in every episode. Alongside him stars Michelle Keegan, Damien Molony and Ryan Sampson, equally trying to make it in their now-adult suburban lives.

Gambling, suicide and sex dungeons don’t exactly scream easy Tuesday-night humour, but Brassic pulls it off with surprising ease. The show achieves a balance of pathos and comedy, coupling some absurdly bizarre situations with reality-biting drama. Accidentally chloroforming yourself trying to steal a Shetland pony? Just a normal day in Lancashire it seems.

Brassic (2019)

Whilst our bipolar protagonist can’t bear to be separated from his care-free lifestyle of drugs and booze, his friends seem to be growing up without him. Many chaotic shenanigans ensue to keep viewers on their toes, all without losing the shows sweet-natured core. A snazzy soundtrack backdrops the hilariously unpredictable turn of events, with a promise of more in a confirmed season two.

Despite Brassic’s whacky nature, it’s the lovable characters, bursting with chemistry, that keep fans coming back. Tender scenes and relatable modern problems give the otherwise one-dimensional show a little more depth. It may not be a BAFTA-winning BBC Drama, but it sure is a wholesome, entertaining watch.