Former Bond Villain Andrew Scott Predicts Promising Things From Rami Malek in No Time to Die

Most people remember Andrew Scott’s villain in Spectre, Max Denbigh aka C. He was the character who was helming the Joint Intelligence Service in a plan to merge nine intelligence agencies into the Nine Eyes Committee. As an agent of Spectre, this would allow his nefarious deeds to take shape. However, he may have needed a moonlight clock to wake up on time. Going into No Time to Die, it’s doubtful Scott will be returning despite his boss, Ernst Stavro Blofeld, played by Christoph Waltz, making a return, but he still has several thoughts on the new main villain, played by Rami Malek, who he says is brilliant.

I think it’s the element of surprise, you know?” Scott said. “I think it’s the idea that any good villain is when you’re not safe. You don’t just do villain, villain, villain.”

Having also played Jim Moriarty, a “consulting criminal” on Sherlock, he has some thoughts about what pushes actors to take on villainous roles.

From my own experiences of playing a villain, I was very interested in just doing something that was slightly different,” Scott said. “It means you’re taking a risk a little bit. That’s why I think Javier Bardem was such a great Bond villain because he was just so unusual and surprising, and not something that you have seen before.”

While Bardem was indeed a very disturbing villain to see onscreen, Scott also expressed praise for Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who was asked to do a rewrite on the No Time Left to Die script.

I think it’s very wise to have brought Phoebe onto that project because she’s a very specific voice,” Scott said. “Whatever the voice is, it’s got to be a strong voice.”

Scott said that some film studios produce movies by a committee and they are less interesting and original as a result.

Sometimes when these big studio pictures are homogenized and made sort of by committee, I think they do really become less interesting and less successful and less relevant,” Scott said. “I’m very interested to see what they do and that they use Phoebe and all the great stuff that she has to say.”

It will be certainly a very different film this time for James Bond. Not only is he not in active service, but there’s also someone who has taken over the 007 role. This means he might never be 007 again. There might be a need for a moonlight clock. However, more likely than not, he will probably have reclaimed those three numbers by the end of the film.