Alexander Skarsgård Will Be Randall Flagg In The Stand New Series

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No bones about it, Stephen King‘s work is probably the most adapted for the screen (small and big). With IT: Chapter Two now in cinemas, the adaptations or should I say remakes continue. The Stand like IT has been in the works to be remade for a while and now it seems it has it’s Randall Flagg…Alexander Skarsgård.

Unlike IT, The Stand will be a Television series with Josh Boone (The Fault In Our Stars) writing and directing. Thanks to Collider, news has emerged that King was speaking on US TV Show The View. On the show the legendary author was there to promote his latest book, The Institute which he announced a number of cast members.

The new cast announce was Jovan Adepo who is set to play Larry Underwood, Owen Teague will be Harold Lauder, Brad William Henke  as Tom Cullen and Daniel Sunjata is playing Cobb. But there was one cast members he didn’t announce that was Skarsgård as the demonic Flagg.

The Stand is one of King’s most popular books which had a 1994 TV Mini series. This time the show is set to air on CBS Access All Areas, the channel which had Star Trek Discovery. The UK channel or Release date still to be confirmed.

The series is set in a post apocalyptic world decimated by deadly virus. Stu Redman a Texan man who becomes the first person to be imune from the virus. He becomes an community leader for the Free Zone who must protect the zone from the evil Flagg.

James Marsden is set to play Redman with Amber Heard set to play Nadine Cross who sticks with Flagg. Mother Abigail will be played by Whoopi Goldberg, a prophet who leads the ‘good survivors’. Joining her also will be Greg Kinnear (Glen Bateman) Odessa Young is playing Frannie Goldsmith a young pregnant woman who falls for Stu. Finally Henry Zaga as Nick Andros. It’s also reported Marilyn Manson will star in an unnamed role as well as the series music.