Sunday Short Theatre – Yves Paradis’ M52

Any great idea starts with a basic concept and from there you add, hey presto a finished product. Same can be said in film and animation, Canadian filmmaker Yves Paradis film M52. Challenging himself starting with a character pushing a cube, what will he do next? His innovative short film is our choice for Sunday Short Theatre, intriguing from start to finish. Improvising putting his creative skills to the test every week, keeping the viewer curious to know what would come next.

The end result is very experimental especially when it comes to the film’s execution. Paradis has went for an sci-fi film, fascinating, hallucinatory. 52 different sequences, all unique in their own, all may not make any sense. The film has played various film festivals including the big one recently at Fantasia Fest.

What if you made an improvised animated film one week at a time for one year starting only with the concept of a character pushing a big cube in the desert. Where would this story go? M52 is a 10 minutes animated short film made during one year as a creative challenge. The result is a surprising unexpected science fiction adventure into a distant future of mankind.

Source: Short Of The Week