Sunday Short Theatre – Tim (Invisible Me)

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Mr Sandman Bring Me A Dream!” Let’s admit be it at school, college or even work there’s always been a crush. How insecure do you feel when you can’t ask them?In John Grammatico’s Tim (Invisible Me), can Tim find his courage?

Sunday Short Theatre this week’s choice is a little moving film about the unseen life of a insecure student. People like to make statements with fashion or bold hairstyles but many folks try to ‘disappear’ or be invisible. This short is for those people who lack self-esteem. The world is an complex place and TIM not just shows empathy for those who chose but those who struggle too.

There is an uplifting ending with a twist…

Here’s a statement director
As a father, I found it a curious thing to step back into a school environment with my children. I forgot how complex a world that can be. It was impossible not to notice how some kids made choices (with hair or clothing) to stand out while others were doing everything they could to hide or “disappear”. With TIM, I wanted characters from each end of that spectrum to confront each other, but I wanted it to happen in a way that showed empathy to both. TIM is a story for anyone who’s ever felt invisible.

Music is from SYML with their version of the classic ‘Mr.Sandman’ song.

Source: FilmShortage