Join Us! Editors Wanted – Wrestling, TV/Streaming, Co-Editor

The Peoples Movies  are in the look for some great writers to become part of our editorial, Join Us!?

We’re looking for experienced editors to help out in Wrestling, Television& Streaming . Also Co-Editor and Weekend editors in the general running of the site.

As Wrestling Editor, you’ll have the Wrestling knowledge. Where to look for the news stories, the gossip but also access to the Wrestling shows. Can help in reviews of the weekly shows and PPVs.  Write editorials, articles, features, lists  to excite our readers. Most of all access to the relevant channels.

As a TV/Streaming Editor you will be charge with posting, maintaining  the news, reviews,articles, features. You will have access to the channels such as Sky, Sky Atlantic, Fox BBC, Channel 4, ITV, AMC UK, Syfy,. Streaming channels like Netflix, Amazon, Mubi, Shudder etc..

As a co-editor you will will work with the editor in the general running of the site. If weekend editor, set up things for the following week.  But also enhance the content over the weekend with any other reviews, news, editorials, articles and features. This is including any weekly round ups.

You will have the knowledge, the passion   for the areas you will be working in. Able to write as well as experience in editing , working with WordPress/ blogging.  Able to work with what you have  as much as your own ideas.  Most of all able to keep to deadline, and a good grasp of grammar.

Will you Join Us!? Hopefully you will, fill in the form below…


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Paul Devine

The founder of The People's Movies, started the site 20th November 2008.The site has excelled past all expectations with many only giving the site months and it's still going strong. A lover of French Thrillers, Post Apocalyptic films, Asian cinema. 2009 started Cinehouse to start his 'cinema education' learning their is life outside mainstream cinema. Outside of film, love to travel with Sorrento, Guangzhou and Manchester all favourite destinations.Musically loves David Bowie, Fishbone, Radiohead.

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