Get Immersed With IT: Chapter 2 In 4DX or ScreenX Format

Next Friday 6th September, it all ends when IT: Chapter 2 arrives in UK and Irish Cinemas. Finally we head back to the city of Derry, Maine as the Loser’s Club serve that oath they made.

Fans of the classic Stephen King book, as well as will be looking for that unique experience. But how brave are you? Why not take the bumpy rideand watch the fear fest in 4DX and ScreenX?. 4DX Screen X partner perfectly with horror; the cinematic concept is growing in popularity for moviegoers seeking some interactivity from their experience. The 4DX experience for IT: Chapter One received overwhelming praise, with fans feeling immersed in the film and part of the action.

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4DX takes the horror movie genre and heightens it, offering not only the advanced motion seating along with wind, mist, fog, lighting, and even smell effects, but also a unique benefit for horror films, as these things can enhance the jump moments and give more of the roller coaster thrills. Partnered with Screen X, the audience are truly immersed in the experience, taking fear levels to a whole new level. Red balloons, the symbol of Penny Wise, will appear flying over the three-side screen, contributing to a hazy, and very fitting horror atmosphere.

4DX enhances across a variety of genres, with horror sitting firmly at the top of the list. The first 4DX horror hit, My Bloody Valentine (2009) exceeded audience expectations when it broke box office records over 2D, breaking pre-sale records (the printer actually ran out of tickets) at CGV Sang-am (South Korea) for two weeks prior to its release. The film went on to average an incredible 91% occupancy rate during its run for eight weeks.

2017’s horror hits IT and Annabelle: Creation in 4DX topped occupancy rates across the globe during its opening weekend. IT brought in a 80% occupancy rate in Croatia and India, respectively, 77% in Hungary, and 64% in UK. In India and Puerto Rico, Annabelle: Creation opened with an all-time high of a 99% occupancy rate.