June 8, 2023

Disney Remaking Home Alone Plus Many Other Fox Releases


When it comes to remaking or rebooting film Disney are becoming experts.. As for the quality of those films that’s entirely up to you.When it came to Disney’s buying of Fox, it wasn’t just to get dominate the cinematic market.

Streaming seems to be the future of our way of viewing new content. Soon Disney+ will be launching Stateside (hopefully the UK soon after)and Disney had eye’s on Fox massive back catalogue. It looks like Home Alone, Night at the Museum, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid are about to be remade.

According to Variety thanks to the recent poor financial results, there’s big changes coming to Fox. Thanks to recent films like X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Fox Film Development team will be cut down. Majority of the upcoming slate will be axed. That doesn’t mean the end of the road for those project with many reported project heading to Disney+ if not axed all together.

There’s no qualms that no film studio likes to be second fiddle, Disney especially. When it comes to Streaming services Netflix are still the kings,despite recent spree of cancellations. With rich depth of Fox back catalogue it’s no surprise Disney want to remake Home Alone but for their streaming channel.

The news like any remake/reboot will annoy fans of the original. Like or not these family friendly films for streaming fit right into their plans to become premiere streaming channel. Since Disney announced their channel, they have made sure there will be original content coming too. From their own animation back catalogue, but also from Marvel Studios and Star Wars.

Disney have however using the word ‘re-imagining’ rather than remake, which suggests its won’t be direct remakes. We can understand Home Alone been considered for rebooting nearly 30 years old. It made Macaulay Culkin a star, as for Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Night At The Museum another story.

As for X-Men Fox franchise it seems Marvel CEO Kevin Feige, might have just inherited it. Will they be part of future MCU or Disney+ Marvel shows?

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