Chris Morris ‘War On Terror’ Satire The Day Shall Come Gets A Trailer

Been several years since Chris Morris had his feature film directorial debut with Four Lions. The year  the Brass Eye creator will have a new film The Day Shall Come and today we have the film’s official Trailer.

Based on 100 true stories, that promises exposes the dark farce at the heart of the homeland security project: It is harder to catch a real terrorist than it is to manufacture your own.

Morris previous film was all about homegrown terrorism, his latest goes Stateside. With focus on Homeland Security attempts to turn a preacher into a terrorist.If you know Chris Morris from his Television work he loves his satire and taking things to absurd levels.

You can see from he cast, the film is a step up with Anna Kendrick, Denis O’Hare,Marchánt Davis, Jim Gaffigan, Kayvan Novak

The Day Shall Come reflects how institutionalized paranoia corrupts our thinking. Throughout the West, the Global War on Terror, now so baked in it no longer requires a name, has eroded freedoms it was declared to protect.

The film tells the story of a person walking blind into a false reality programmed to blow up in his face. That person is a fringe preacher called Moses. The false reality is created by the FBI and written like a script. Moses has no idea this is happening or that their plotline ends with him in jail.

With his wife Venus, Moses runs a mission offering local youth salvation through religion, education, self-empowerment and farming. Their hero is the Haitian slave rebel General Toussaint. This is their life, these are their troubles. Here is Moses preaching on Facebook Live about righting the wrongs of history. Here is the FBI watching him, wondering if he is a threat, asking themselves a question that leads only one way: What if we do nothing – and this guy tries to destroy America with his army of four grown-ups and a kid? ‘

The Day Shall Come will be released in the UK and Ireland from 11th October.

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