Batman Is Tormented In Robert Egger’s The Lighthouse UK Trailer

Isolation will drive anyone mad, even Batman is tormented by it. Universal Pictures has released the UK Trailer For Robert Egger’s The Lighthouse.

After the release of the American version of the trailer, we we’re to find out when the film was coming to the UK. Thankfully today Universal have obliged.

Starring the new Batman himself, Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe as our Lighthouse Keepers. Set in the 1890’s the pair play Ephraim Winslow who is the assistant to senior keeper Thomas Wake. As the pair go about their daily duties, the pair’s trust of each other descends in to madness. The pair now in a hallucinating hell and find it hard to trust each other. Are they hiding secrets?

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From Robert Eggers, the visionary filmmaker behind modern horror masterpiece The Witch, comes this hypnotic and hallucinatory tale of two lighthouse keepers on a remote and mysterious New England island in the 1890s.

Like the U.S version, what catches you is the film’s gorgeous retro look. Shot in a 1.19:1 aspect ratio, on 35mm film in black and white.

We loved Egger’s previous film The VVitch, a supernatural horror that followed a 17th Century Puritan family. Taking it’s inspiration from 1970’s Hammer Horror, Bergman and The Devils. The latest film seems to pay homage to the German Expressionist horror, psychological and intensely claustrophobic.

We love that the trailer doesn’t truly reveal any spoilers keeping you hanging on. Are the keepers hiding anything? 98% at Rotten Tomatoes which is fantastic, we appreciated this one will accommodate the arthouse fans more the traditional horror fan. Time to step out your comfort zone and see horror isn’t all about quick jump scares but brooding fear.

The Lighthouse will be released in the UK and Ireland from 17th January 2020.