27th Raindance Festival Line Revealed Divisive Politics And Global Turmoil

It’s one of those film festivals many majors seem to ‘forget’ about, but fans of independent film, Raindance is essential. This morning Raindance Film Festival announced it’s 27th edition, a festival highlighting duvusuve politics and global turmoil.

The festival celebrates the medium of film and is a champion of the underdog, the marginalised, and the independently minded. With features, documentaries, short films, industry events and immersive VR experiences, Raindance is a place to see the kind of fascinating, multi-faceted characters who thrive in today’s crazy world of indie film.

The 2019 line up includes 90 feature films, with 13 World Premieres, 10 International Premieres, 9 European Premieres and 54 UK premieres. The programme also includes 108 short films, 19 music videos, and 30 VR experiences.

This year’s festival will kick-off with the already announced world premiere of Gina Hole Lazarowich‘s Krow’s Transformation. Documenting Canadian transgender model Krow Kian. A successful female model as a teen, the film charts Krow’s transition over a 3-year period, including Krow walking the catwalk for Louis Vuitton’s iconic SS19 show in Paris – his first show since transitioning to a male. The film incorporates conversations between Krow and his mother, plus stories from other trans people in Krow’s circle.

Raindance Film Festival will close on 29th September, with the UK Premiere of Susanne Heinrich’s Aren’t You Happy? This debut feature brings together theory, feminism, humour and a bubblegum pop palate of colour as we follow a girl roaming a city looking for a place to sleep.

Highlight’s from this year’s festival includes Empowered Women From Europe And Beyond. A strand that includes Elas Diringer’s ark coming-of-age tale Luna. a young French woman who, during a night of drunken revelry with her friends, helps them gang rape a male stranger – but must grapple with her conscience when she falls in love with him. Miia Tervo‘s Aurora, a Finnish romantic, melancholy comedy captures a relationship between a commitment-phobic party girl and an Iranian man running from death.

This year’s festival will introduce a new strand Screamdance including Borys Lankosz’s sinister tale Dark, Almost Night. A t tale of disappearing children, based on Polish novelist Joanna Bator’s Nike Award winning novel. The Queer strand promises diversity for all with Ofir Trainin‘s Family In Transition. Documenting an Israeli family whose lives change completely after their father tells them that he’s a transgender woman.

Gael García Bernal’s second feature as director, Chicuarotes. The film follows two teenagers who are driven by desperation and a lack of options in their Mexico City neighbourhood. Central to Raindance’s mission is the discovery of new indie talent from every corner of the globe. Including Sahar Masayebi‘s Platform, Asato Watanabe‘s A Dobugawa Dream and Josephine MackerrasAlice.

Raindance is happening from 18 September – no ifs no buts. Despite Brexit uncertainty, we’re bringing the boldest and freshest talent from the world of indie filmmaking to the heart of London. Raindance is proud to have a global vision, not a narrow one, and this year’s festival has an incredible range of stories from Britain and across the world. And remember that Raindance means Raindance.” Elliot Grove, Raindance founder.

For full line up of festival and to book tickets head over to Raindance Film.

27th Raindance Film Festival will take place from 18th until 29th September.