Watch Sci-fi/horror Drama Three Mirrors Creatures’ s Flashes of Flesh Trailer

First official trailer for Giuliano Tomassacci’s arthouse sci-fi/horror drama Three Mirrors Creatures’ s Flashes of Flesh starring Michela Bruni debuts on-line.

Once you see the flashes, flesh doesn’t matter anymore.

Three Mirrors Creature’s Flashes of Flesh is an experimental drama, with visceral horror and sci-fi resonances. Dominated by music and a dense black and white, it stars Michela Bruni as a ruthless and successful top-class manager who, in the aftermath of an emotional shock, becomes pervaded by a sensory spirit and undertakes a purifying – although grievous – voyage.

The Trailer plays more like an experimental short-film. It’s not the usual 2 minutes Trailer length, reminds us a little of Guy Maddin. The promo is strictly NSFW, with some graphic scenes that maybe sexual in nature. If you do suffer from epilepsy, viewer discretion advised…

Blindly dances Dangel Fox on her death-routine as a ruthless top broker manager. But Creature groans and chokes, the abyss is just one step away. And here it comes the raising collapse. And the unearthly awakening. A repossession. The voyage to light and spirit starts over. Ecstatic, sensorial, absolute. Flashing. Straight to an extreme and piercing choice of eternity.

Along with Bruni (who also contributed the script) the cast also features Samantha Abear, Claudio Losavio, Corinna Coroneo, Piervito Bonifacio, Federica Pocaterra, Giorgia Grillo, Fabio Gagliardi, Marina Lorèand  and Clarice Ching.

There’s no news on the release date or who may distribute the film. You can keep yourself posted at the film’s site Split Vision Project.

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