The Goldfinch Second Trailer Teases An Potential Oscar Hopeful

We might be in the final 5 to 6 weeks of Summer Blockbuster season, focus will slowly move to Oscar Hopefuls. One of those is The Goldfinch and Warner Bros today release the film’s second UK Trailer.

Ansel Elgort stars as Theo an young man coming to terms of the death of his mother. Killed in a terrorist act at the Museum of Metropolitan Art.

The new trailer expands on the film’s story and the importance of the painting at the centre of the film. A taster of the rollercoster life Theo now leads thanks to the life changing event. It’s emotional powerful stuff that ticks all the Oscar nomination boxes. Legendary DoP Roger Deakins is behind the lens, Nicole Kidman is in the cast. It’s also based on an award winning novel by Donna Tartt, clearly see why some think this will be in their for the awards…

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Theodore “Theo” Decker was 13 years old when his mother was killed in a bombing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The tragedy changes the course of his life, sending him on a stirring odyssey of grief and guilt, reinvention and redemption, and even love. Through it all, he holds on to one tangible piece of hope from that terrible day…a painting of a tiny bird chained to its perch. The Goldfinch.

The film also stars Oakes Fegley (Pete’s Dragon) as Young Theo, Aneurin Barnard (Dunkirk) as Boris, Finn Wolfhard (Stranger Things, It) as Young Boris, with Sarah Paulson (The Post,American Crime Story) as Xandra, Luke Wilson (The Royal Tenenbaums) as Larry, and Jeffrey Wright (The Hunger Games films) as Hobie. Ashleigh Cummings (Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries) as Pippa, Willa Fitzgerald (Little Women) as Kitsey Barbour, Aimee Laurence (Chicago P.D.) as Young Pippa, Denis O’Hare (American Horror Story) as Lucius Reeve, Boyd Gaines (2014’s Driving Miss Daisy) as Mr. Barbour, Peter Jacobson (Colony) as Mr. Silver, Luke Kleintank (The Man in the High Castle) as Platt Barbour, Robert Joy (CSI: NY) as Welty, and newcomer Ryan Foust as Andy.

The Goldfinch is expected to fly into UK and Irish Cinemas from 27th September.