Sunday Short Theatre – Stories We Tell Ourselves (2018)

Our little planet is one mysterious  but fascinating world, it delivers  surprises everyday. In this weeks Sunday Short Theatre Stories We Tell Ourselves, it’s all about love. The end of love.

Andrew De Zen‘s beautiful but heart wrenching short film follows a man’s abstract feelings of loss and anxiety following the end of a long-term relationship.

The film is part of an trilogy of short films from the Canadian filmmaker. It explores the chaos of thought and memories through visual poetry and non-linear storytelling.

The other films include ‘We Aren’t Strangers‘ and ‘The Wall‘. All testament of time and the fear of memories fading away. The director called the process of creating the film as ‘Designing a film’ and ‘getting your soul across.’ A process full of layers inspired by Andrei Tarkovsky, giving the film depth. Most of all as you watch you will discover a lot more to the film, especially in symbolism.

Stories We Tell Ourselves is not a film with a lot of dialogue. A film of experimentation, colour and mood, and a male perspective to breaking up in a long-term relationship.

Source: Film Shortage