Madison Square Garden Set For WWE TV

WWE have announced that they will be returning to Madison Square Garden later this year. Both RAW and Smackdown Live will emulating on September 9th and 10th consecutively. 

WWE TV Returning To Madison Square Garden

Return to Madison Square Garden after 10 years

2009 was the last time WWE were in MSG for live TV, which was a Monday Night RAW show in November of ’09. Since they have returned to the famous arena, however only for live event specials.

Despite its world famous historical reputation, the gloss of MSG and WWE has been worn off for some time. Other companies such as New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring of Honor have used the venue, as recent as this past year’s Wrestlemania weekend for the G1 Supercard show.

Signal of intent for change?

Following the announcement that WWE would be returning to MSG, one has to wonder: is this a signal of intent for change?

Considering this is their first time back at the garden in over a decade, perhaps the time for change in the landscape of the company is now, more so than ever. This could be a once in a decade occurrence again for WWE, as they do not emulate live from MSG too often if ever these days.

With RAW being produced by Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff eventually assuming the same on Smackdown, there is not doubt we will see significant change to WWE TV. While the changes may not be immediate as many fans wish, over time gradually there will be micro changes that eventually transition and grow.

It would be not be a wild assumption if one were to believe that the TV tapings at MSG potentially had some significant matches or storylines thrown in.

In WWE’s case, it will be very interesting to see what the attendance and turnout will be at the venue.