Jesse Eisenberg Learns Justice League Part Two Not Happening

One can feel bad for Jesse Eisenberg. He had a small role in Justice League  and was probably excited for the next film. He could have been ecstatic at the thought of taking on our heroes. After portraying Lex Luthor in two films, one can understand why he would be interested in returning once more to the role. His portrayal of Luthor drew critics on both sides of the fence. Some saw he was an inspired choice for the role while others were very critical of the actor and his portrayal.

Since Eisenberg was not a big part of Justice League and probably was not waiting by his Geemarc Ampli CL100 phone with the other film work he has going, it’s likely he did not have a lot of information going into this. When he interacted with Josh Horowitz, a podcast host and reporter, Horowitz came to the conclusion this was the first Eisenberg learned about the sequel to Justice League not happening. It could be difficult to find out the role of a lifetime is no longer happening.

“Today I think I broke the news to Jesse Eisenberg that despite it being listed on his IMDB, Justice League part 2 probably isn’t happening,” Horowitz wrote on Twitter. It’s unknown as to what situation this exact conversation was brought up in. However, given Eisenberg’s current stardom, it would make sense he was not aware of the mess of a film Justice League became with two different directors, fans petitioning for the “Snyder Cut,” and the unimpressive box office numbers.

Justice League Part Two will not be happening because Director Zack Snyder’s work at Warner Brothers did not produce the intended results the studio wanted. It’s also why Joss Whedon was called to rework Justice League. It will not be surprising to see Eisenberg not waiting around his Geemarc Ampli CL100 phone. He’s probably moving onto bigger and better things now.

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