Homage to Nichijou – A Kyoto Animation Tribute

Yesterday’s shocking attack on the Kyoto Animation studio has shocked the world and left the anime community in mourning. Here at The People’s Movies, we’d like to show our support by highlighting some of the brilliant work Kyoto Animation have done over the years.

One of my personal favourites from the studio is Nichijou. I’m not going to do a proper review (although if I did, I’d give it five stars) but for those of you who haven’t seen it, Nichijou is an absurdist comedy about a group of somewhat unhinged school girls, as well as an infant professor and her robot companion. It falls somewhere between sketch comedy and sitcom, but suffice to say it’s fantastic and you should watch it.

Below are a few of my favourite scenes from Nichijou, which demonstrate some of the fantastic work Kyoto Animation did over the years.

#5 Yuuko’s Bad Day

We’ve all had been through those days where everything seems to be going wrong. This 30 second vignette sums up the feeling perfectly, with a nice dose of Nichijou madness in the middle (look out for the broccoli bike seat).


#4 Fish Jam

Mio is treated to some unusual jam that her sister has made, which I must admit I don’t fancy trying myself.


#3 Biscuit Bot

The tiny professor is supposed to build a device to translate her cat’s mews into Japanese but instead creates…a biscuit powered robot. As you do.


#2 Fried Macaroni

A misunderstanding over lunch causes a barmy classroom argument, which takes an unexpected turn towards the end.


#1 Principal/deer Deathmatch

Yuuko witnesses the school principal fighting a deer for no particular reason


Summing Up

Of course, Nichijou’s humour is derived largely from its script, but the animators and technical staff did a fantastic job adding to the glorious absurdity of it all. I feel the jokes come off much better in the anime than they do in the manga. The overdramatic close ups and hard cuts, the classic anime tropes stretched to ridiculous lengths, as well as the voice acting and sound effects all come together to create a comedic triumph.

Kyoto Animation is a brilliant studio, and it would only be fitting if those who lost their lives are remembered for the amazing work they have done, and not just the senseless tragedy that took their lives.

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