June 10, 2023

Feel The Need And Watch Top Gun: Maverick First Trailer


San Diego Comic Con maybe the mother of all comic conventions world wide, it delivers many surprises. Paramount Pictures has just unveiled one big one…Top Gun: Maverick first Trailer!

2020 Tom Cruise will return to the ‘Danger Zone’  and today he had one mission, introduce the Trailer. Off course fans ‘self-destructed’. He unveiled the surprise right after the Terminator: Dark Fate Panel (another film we’re expecting a new Trailer for soon too).

We don’t know much about what story apart from Tom Cruise reprising his iconic Pete “Maverick” Mitchell role. The film has been in development hell for decades with Tony Scott originally set up to direct. Sadly as we know the original film director died and now Joseph Kosinski (Oblivion).

Three decades on, a lot has changed when it comes to weaponry, so it will be interesting to see what path they’ll take. The one possibility is Maverick becoming an mentor for his former co-pilot Goose (Anthony Edwards) Son (Miles Teller).

Check out the new Trailer…

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It’s surprising as critically Top Gun wasn’t a major success. But like many films, its gained cult status and loved by many worldwide. This trailer may not reveal much, it’s a promo full of the original film tropes. From the music, imagery, testosterone pumping, off course original cast members.

Tom Cruise won’t be alone, he will be joined by some old faces and Val Kilmer (Ice). They will also be joined by Glenn Powell, Jennifer Connolly, Jon Hamm. Lewis Pullman and Ed Harris.

There is no exacted release date confirmed, apart from ‘Summer 2020’. The USA release date seems to be 26th June 2020.

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