A World With No Women In Casey Affleck’s Light Of My Life Trailer

It’s not been the best 12 months for Casey Affleck. Maybe his next directorial feature, Light Of My Life maybe get him on a path of mending some bridges. Saban Films has released the U.S Trailer for the film ahead of its release Stateside next month.

The film tells the story of a father (Affleck) who must protect his daughter by disguising her as his son after a plague wipes out most of the female population.

This post apocalyptic film certainly wears it’s inspirations on its sleeve proudly. Everything from Children Of Men, The Road, even The Handmaid’s Tale and Leave No Trace. The film made it’s world premiere at this year’s Berlin Film Festival to mixed reviews.

This is a film that tackle the #MeToo era, questioning if Affleck is the right person to lead this film. No one has criticised his direction, just sustaining the story throughout its running time (2 hours). Judge it yourselves…

Parent and child journey through the outskirts of society a decade after a pandemic has wiped out half the world’s population – all of them women. As a father struggles to protect his daughter, their bond, and the character of humanity, is tested.

The film also stars Anna Pniowsky, Elisabeth Moss, Tom Bower, Hrothgar Mathews, Timothy Webber, and Monk Serrell Freed.

There is no word of any UK or Irish distribution. If you do live in the USA, Light Of My Life will get an limited theatrical and VOD release on 9th August.