Paris Engulfed In A Deadly Mist In Hold Your Breath UK Trailer

This will be one film Donald Trump will not be watching, he’ll call it ‘Fake News’. Signature Entertainment has released the UK Trailer For Hold Your Breath.

Starring Olga Kurylenko (Quantum of Solace) and Romain Duris (All the money in the world) in a survival thriller which sees Paris engulfed in a Deadly toxic mist. A couple attempting to save their daughter as a mysterious mist threatens to beat them to finding their daughter.

We do love a good survival thriller, this one (also known as Dans la brume or Just A Breathe Away) has environmental theme. Questioning humanity to ask those questions Trump pretends is all lies, are they? Or are they another warning of our future destruction?

Olga Kurylenko (Quantum of Solace) and Romain Duris (All the money in the world) star in this gripping, high concept disaster thriller, set on the roof-tops of Paris. Mathieu and Anna are desperately trying to save their daughter from a deadly toxic mist that has engulfed Paris, when the city of lights is hit by an earthquake that fills the streets with a mysterious gas. Only those lucky enough to escape to the rooftops of the city were able to survive. Mathieu and Anna must face the fog if they have any hope of saving their daughter, who is trapped in a medical tank below.

The film also stars Fantine Harduin, Michel Robin, Anna Gaylor, Réphaël Ghrenassia, and Erja Malatier.

Hold Your Breath will be released in the UK in Digital HD format from 30th September.