Knife + Heart Gets UK Trailer Explores The Dark Side Of Desire

Explore you dark side of desire and watch the UK Trailer for Knife + Heart.From the deliciously twisted mind of filmmaker Yann Gonzalez (You And The Night) starring Vanessa Paradis.

Probably one of the most outrageous synopsis you’ll hear. Paradis plays an Gay Porn producer Anne in the aftermath of an split with her girlfriend, embarks on her most ambitious film to date. However as things kick-off one of her stars is murdered. It becomes clear their is an killer among them who is intent killing off the rest of her cast.

Delightfully Trashy exploitation that takes inspiration from Dario Argento, Brian DePalma with a big slice of William Friedkin‘s Crusing.A kitsch and unapologetically queer throwback to giallo movies. A unique and tongue-in-cheek story of sex, death and obsession, it’s dirty, provocative and a whole lot of fun.

Shot in 35mm and 16mm backed by a original retro-electro score by M83. It won’t set alight mainstream cinemas, one for the arthouse cinemas. If you adore stylish flamboyant genre film, you might want to check this one out.

Following the dramatic breakdown of her relationship with her girlfriend, gay porn producer Anne (Vanessa Paradis) launches herself into her latest and most ambitious film production. But as shooting gets underway, one of her stars is brutally murdered. Soon it becomes terrifyingly clear that a homicidal maniac is intent on bumping off the cast, one by one.

Set in 1970s Paris and dripping with style and eye-popping visual fetishism, KNIFE + HEART playfully dances between the work of Dario Argento, Brian de Palma, Kenneth Anger and William Friedkin’s Cruising whilst teasing out a bold new vision all its own.

The film also stars Nicolas Maury, and Kate Moran. Knife + Heart will be exclusively shown on MUBI as well as a limited Cinema release in the UK and Ireland from 5th July.

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