Ken Loach’s Sorry We Missed You Trailer Another Slice Of Social Realism

After the heartbreaking I, Daniel Blake Ken Loach this Autumn returns with his follow up film Sorry We Missed You, another slice of Social realism.

Once again written by his regular scribe Paul Laverty with a powerful exploration of the contemporary world of work, the gig economy and the challenges faced by one family trying to hold it all together.

The film tackles the evils of zero hours contracts. When you go day be day not knowing what day you might work. I know some people say the flexibility, however when you can’t pay bills or afford to put food on the table that’s a different matter. Soon there will be no rights for workers when Brexit mess is sorted.

The predominately Right Wing media and Government push the agenda this is a fact of life. They will ridicule, demonise anyone that tries prove them wrong. Loach himself has been attacked many times by them and they’ll do it again when reviewing his latest film.

Entertainment One has released the film’s first Trailer it’s angry, passionate and once again gut wrenching.

Ricky and his family have been fighting an uphill struggle against debt since the 2008 financial crash. An opportunity to wrestle back some independence appears with a shiny new van and the chance to run a franchise as a self-employed delivery driver.

The film is a Sixteen Films and Why Not production made with the support of the BFI and BBC Films and in co-production with Les Films du Fleuve.

Sorry We Missed You is coming to UK and Irish Cinemas from 1st November, starring Kris Hitchen, Debbie Honeywood, Rhys Stone and Katie Proctor.

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