25 Years On, Do You Feel The Need For Speed?

Never mind your rom-coms or historical dramas – this Father’s Day it is Dad’s turn to pick out a film to watch. What could be better than one he’ll have seen back in 1994 – action hit Speed, starring Keanu Reeves as a cop trying to prevent a bomb from going off on a Los Angeles bus. This truly fast and furious, nerve-jangling non-stop thrill-ride, directed by Jan de Bont, took over $350million at the box office and turned Reeves into a global superstar.

To celebrate its 25th Anniversary here are 25 of the best moments from the slam-bang action classic, that’d make a perfect present for your hero dad on Father’s Day…

1. All in a day’s work
Keanu, as LAPD cop Jack Traven, dangles upside down in an attempt to free the occupants of a bomb-rigged elevator – perhaps Tom Cruise saw this and it inspired his similar acrobatics for 1996’s Mission Impossible?

2. Meet and greet
Traven and his partner Harry (played by Jeff Daniels) have their first encounter with Speed’s villain Howard Payne (Dennis Hopper), who had a nasty little surprise for them.

3. Wake up call
All Traven wanted to do was get his coffee and muffin before work, and then this happens.

4. Don’t slow down!
If you’ve ever grumbled about your bus going too slow, and stopping every two minutes, hop on this one – it won’t go slower than 50mph and won’t stop for anything or anyone. The reason being, if it goes under 50, the bomb goes… boom!

5. All aboard
Keanu gets his action hero stripes with some serious stunt work in Speed – after this, The Matrix and John Wick 3 will be a doddle.

6. The start of a beautiful friendship
Initial impressions count, and Annie, played by Sandra Bullock, speaks her mind when she first encounters Traven.

7. Problem passenger
As if a bomb on a bus isn’t enough, Traven also has to contend with a passenger who doesn’t appear to have a valid ticket.

8. A new partnership
It’s an iconic moment in a classic film – Annie takes the wheel after the bus driver is accidentally shot.

9. Stay on or get off?
In a bid to get out of traffic so the bus can stay at over 50mph, Annie has to take desperate measures.

10. Police escort
Signs that something is very very wrong – your morning commute requires a dozen police cars and helicopters.

There’s a 50ft gap in the freeway ahead. What do you do? Simple – speed up and hope you can leap over it.

12. Sweet relief
On her first day driving the bus, when she’s not even a bus driver, and after managing to fly across a gaping hole in the road, the customers are understandably grateful to Annie.

13. Where’s he going?
What’s this? Keanu has hopped off the bus and left the passengers alone with the bomb? Nooooooo!

14. Road to nowhere
It’s bad being stuck on a runway when you’re waiting for your plane to take off. It’s worse when you’re stuck on a runway in a bus, waiting for someone to come and rescue because the bus might blow up at any second.

15. Silly questions
Traven has just risked life and limb hanging off the underside of the bus, attempting to diffuse the bomb. When he is finally dragged safely inside, one of the passengers is treated to a withering Traven putdown.

16. Booby trapped
Just when you thought the film couldn’t have any more twists and turns, director Jan de Bont pulls the rug out from the audience’s feet once again – or rather, completely incinerates expectations the only way he knows how!

17. The man you love to hate
Hopper, as Howard Payne, seems to be enjoying the carnage he has created far too much.

18. Safety first
This is why you should never attempt to board a bus when it’s already moving.

19. Hold on tight
Buckle up – it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

20. This is my stop
At this point in the film, Jack and Annie disembark from the bus in a rather unorthodox manner – most people just ding the bell!

21. The big bang
Described by some as the greatest action thriller of all time, Speed does not stint on the fireworks.

22. Love is in the air
Amongst all the excitement, Jack and Annie manage to share a romantic moment, after being flung at high speed from a bus that is about to explode.

23. A cop’s work is never done
Keanu certainly earned his paycheck for Speed – he doesn’t have a moment’s peace for most of the running time.

24. Showdown
Face to face with the mad bomber of Los Angeles, Traven tells him “You’re crazy.” To which Payne replies, “No, I’m eccentric.”

25. No brakes on a train
Not content with his heroics on a speeding bus, Traven now contends with a subway train about to hit the buffers.

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