The Apocalypse Is Cosmic In Starfish New Clip, Poster, Watch Trailer

For the end of the world, Press play. End of this month A.T White’s apocalyptic horror Starfish will be released on Video On Demand here in the UK also U.S.A, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The critically acclaimed debut feature, stars Virginia Gardner (Halloween 2018, Marvel’s “The Runaways”) as Aubrey. A young woman who struggles with the death of her friend, on the verge of the end of the world. She finds a cassette mixtape in her friends home which says ‘This Mixtape Will Save The World’. Fighting off an array of creatures, mysterious signals from the tape may help her fight these monsters, will it save the world?

The film made it’s debut at Fantastic Fest and has been garnering critical appraise where ever it went. Reminds us a little of what Brit Marling/Zal Batmanglij films, now we can check out the film ourselves this month.

Yellow Veil Pictures has sent us a link to a clip from the film (exclusively released by Bloody Disgusting first) and a Poster to promote the films upcoming release…

Check out the film’s Trailer too…

When a mysterious signal from an unknown dimension summons the end of days, it appears as if only Aubrey (Virginia Gardner) is left on earth. Trapped in the apartment of her recently deceased best friend, the only clue she has is a single cassette left behind after her friend’s death, labeled: “THIS MIXTAPE WILL SAVE THE WORLD.”

Thrust into a mystery orchestrated by her friend and stricken with grief, Aubrey begins to piece the clues together, uncovering a series of tapes all with pieces of the mystery signal. Along the way, progress is impeded when monstrous creatures begin to overrun the world and enclose in on her. Aubrey is forced to fight off the encroaching creatures and move beyond her own crippling grief in order to find the remaining tapes. But will completing The Signal save the world?

The film features supporting performances from Christina Masterson , Eric Beecroft, Natalie Mitchell and Tanroh Ishida.

Starfish will be released on VOD on 28th May, In the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

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