New The Captor Clip ‘Was He Surprised?’

‘Stockholm Syndrome’ an phenomenon when the hostages form a psychological bond with their captor. Sometimes that bond is just mutual other times it’s love in The Captor (aka Stockholm), it’s both.

The Captor stars Ethan Hawke as our ‘captor’ Lars and Noomi Rapace as our bank teller who forms that bond with Lars.

Next month the film is heading to UK cinemas and Signature Entertainment have sent us a clip. Entitled ‘Was He Surprised’, when news that ‘An American with an machine gun’ has taken over a bank to Police/Bank manager. That man on the other end of the phone will be familiar to Van Helsing fans, Christopher Heyerdahl who plays Sam. The question from Lars (Hawke) was he surprised?

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1973, Stockholm, Sweden: Self-styled outlaw Lars Nystrom, high on pills, wearing a wig, shades and a cowboy hat, walks into a bank, pulls out a machine gun and fires into the ceiling, cranks up his portable radio, then declares ‘the party has begun’. He takes two bank workers hostage and demands his friend Gunnar is released from prison, $1million, and a getaway car.

As negotiations with the police reach a deadlock, one of the hostages, married mother Bianca, initially terrified by being held captive by the erratic Lars, becomes sympathetic, then strangely attracted to him. As the net tightens, and Lars is forced to take desperate measures, Bianca finds herself siding with criminal over cops.

The film also stars Mark Strong and Christopher Heyerdahl.Robert Budreau (Born To Blue) directing with Jason Blum producing.

The Captor will get a limited UK Cinema release as well as Digital HD on 21st June.

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