David Lynch presents Film and Music Programme as part of Manchester International Festival 2019

From the early work of  Eraserhead to the prolific work of  Twin Peaks and Blue Velvet, David Lynch consistently produces visionary, distinctive and unorthodox content . A filmmaking style so influential, it has produced the term ‘Lynchian’ that often denotes dream like imagery of the mysterious and macabre to its audience.  Now for the first time at HOME Manchester, the Legendary Filmmaker David Lynch will present a special season of screenings, live concerts and talks, alongside his first major UK exhibition of visual art, My heart is Disconnected, as part of Manchester International Festival (MIF19)

An extensive film programme from his earliest forays into short filmmaking to the seminal TV series Twin Peaks will play throughout July to August. In addition, during September a programme of films chosen by Lynch himself, David Lynch’s True Favourites will include screenings of cult films ranging from Fleming’s The Wizard of Oz to Wilder’s Sunset Boulevard, giving the audience a rare insight into Lynch’s inspirations.

Director and CEO of HOME, Dave Moutrey  stated that “We’re excited for David Lynch’s takeover of HOME this summer. Alongside presenting his first major UK visual art exhibition, we’re thrilled to host a eclectic music line up hosted by Chrysta Bell and a diverse film programme”. Over a period of three nights musician, actress and Lynch collaborator Chrysta Bell will host specifically prepared and prepared evenings of Lynch -inspired musicans, from a rare and intimate solo show by Anna Calvi joined by Dorset songwriter Douglas Dareto a devised set of reimagined pieces from Lynch’s films presented by These New Puritans. 

Accompanying the season David Lynch will join Manchester audiences via video link for a panel discussion joined by musician Tim Burgess and Deirdre Parsons (executive director of the David Lynch Foundation UK) for a exploration into the benefits of teaching Transcendental Meditation to promote creativity.

For Full programme listings and to purchase tickets to this unmissable season  visithomemcr.org/lynch-film-season

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