Watch The Dramatic UK Trailer For Last Breath

Always look after your equipment at work, it might just save you one day. Like Chris Lemons and in Last Breath, Chris thought his day would just be another ordinary one…How wrong he was.

After making it’s premiere at this year’s Glasgow Film Festival, Dogwoof are ready share to the world Chris’story.

The incredible true story of one man’s impossible fight for survival. Told through first-hand accounts, powerful archive and black box footage from the time and pulse-quickening underwater reconstructions, Last Breath is a documentary thriller unlike any other.

So when anyone tells you today’s tasks will be routine, you’ll spare a thought for Chris and his commercial diving job. Just make sure if you ever get in trouble it won’t be mission impossible to survive.
Dogwoof have sent us the film’s UK Trailer and Artwork

Filmmakers Alex Parkinson and Richard da Costa bring their years of experience of filming in challenging environments to a film which immerses viewers in the mysterious and claustrophobic world of saturation diving.

A routine maintenance dive on a North Sea oil well turns into a fight for survival as a computer error aboard the commercial ship The Topaz sends the boat drifting away from its dive site, dragging along everything attached to it: including commercial diver Chris Lemons.

With his diving umbilical cord snagged on a underwater structure and the full weight of the 8,000 tonne ship strained against his lifeline, Chris becomes stranded on the seabed with only 5 minutes of breathing gas and rescue 30 minutes away. LAST BREATH is a truly incredible real life story and race-against-time thriller which will leave audiences gasping.

Last Breath will be in UK Cinemas from 5th April.

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