Should The Next James Bond Be Female?

One of the most discussed topics in the movie world when it comes around is about who will be the next James Bond. It’s a debate which often sparks many differing opinions, with people discussing the matter until the cows come home. However, with the “who will be the next James Bond” discussion now rearing its head once again, there are now some who are questioning whether in fact the next 007 should be female.

You could say that playing James Bond is arguably the most iconic and hallowed acting role in the UK film industry still to this day, with 7 actors having assumed the role so far. Sean Connery, David Niven, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig. These guys have all been 007 since 1962, but now some argue there is a need for change and a new direction, with a female Bond believed to be able to breathe fresh life into the movie franchise.

This also fits in with the comments made by producer Barbara Broccoli who said that she had been specifically asked about diversifying the role when Daniel Craig called it a day playing 007. Now, this doesn’t mean to say that she has been told or encouraged to draft in a female to become the next Bond.

But she did say “anything is possible,” which means that there is real potential for it to happen. She went on to add, “These films tend to reflect the times, so we always try and push the envelope a little bit. Right now, it’s Daniel Craig, and I’m very happy with Daniel Craig, but who knows what the future will bring?

There would be some benefits to bringing in an actress to assume the role of Bond for the next run of movies, and Charlize Theron is a name that has been mentioned already. It would first open the door for the Bond movies to appeal to perhaps a larger and more varied audience, with Bond audiences in the past largely dominated by men.
There would also be a change in what viewers see on the screen too. So rather than or in addition to seeing Bond sitting at the baccarat or poker tables, perhaps a female Bond might be playing bingo online and maybe even on their smartphone at mFortune.

There’s a lot of support for a female Bond as we now live in a world where diversity has become key. There is also support for Theron to take on the role as she was superb as a spy in hit film Atomic Blonde. Theron is of course a big name too and would therefore be able to really sell the film to viewers, while she would also be able to bring the longevity required when playing 007.

Who knows? We could have a female Bond next, which would then allow for both men and women to play the role going forward, making the movie franchise bigger and better than ever.

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