IMAX Releases Side By Side Avengers: Endgame Trailer

Recently  I was invented to an press screening of Alita: Battle Angel, a film been sold as a must see film in 3D IMAX. The screening was in 2D, I was convinced to go see it again in and yes IMAX delivered a better experience. One film that is also a must see in IMAX is Avengers: Endgame and IMAX have released a special New Trailer.

Do you know Avengers: Endgame is the second ever Hollywood blockbuster to be shot entirely in IMAX format? Thanks to this Directors Joe and Anthony Russo‘s film aspect ratio so the pristine images will fill the entire screen – from start to finish. Experiencing this movie in any other format will mean that audiences are missing 26% of the action! Anyone who is up to scratch with the latest film technology will know shooting a film in format may come with a few problems. Finding a a cinema whose screens are set up for IMAX so we can fully experience the entire picture.

The Trailer below is a side by side comparison Trailer which has the 2D Format version right next to the IMAX formatted version. From this you can clearly see how much of the image we do lose, that 26% check it out…

There is still no official Synopsis been released yet. That’s understandable as revealing the plot potentially could be the biggest spoiler who may have survived the destruction from Avengers: Infinity War. Ever since the previous film there has been endless theories on what might happen, with Captain Marvel potentially having a big say. What do you guys think?

The surviving heroes will include Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo, Jeremy Renner, Paul Rudd, Don Cheadle, Karen Gillan, and Brie Larson. Fans of Marvel, in general, will know to expect the unexpected and don’t be surprised if other familiar names appearing.

Avengers: Endgame will start its cinematic journey from 25th April 2019.