Must See Top Ten Films To Watch At 2019 Glasgow Film Festival (Cinehouse)

Yesterday we delivered our Must See Top Ten Films To Watch At 2019 Glasgow Film Festival. Today as promised yesterday, we have our Cinehouse Top Ten Must See Films At Glasgow Film Festival.

With over 300 plus screenings, talks and events at this year’s festival, there was room for an second list. Perfect to keep our sister site alive, with a wide selection of World Cinema, Arthouse, Independent film and off course the classics too.

We would love to recommend you the Festival’s opening and closing Galas Mid90s, Beats. Both full off teen Angst most of all indie films to the core. Both sadly sold out.

Cinehouse (as with The Peoples Movies), Classic films and cult classic play a big part of our website(s). The Glasgow Film Festival, has plenty to offer especially their annual strands that showcase a era or actor/filmmaker. 1969 The End Of Innocence a pivotal year in Hollywood as the old went out the new wave arrives. Bringing fresh socially aware films that challenged establishment…Midnight Cowboy, Easy Rider to Medium Cool. Elaine May has been entertaining our souls for more than 60 years and a selection of her films will be honoured at the Festival.

Those films may not be in the list below, but doesn’t mean we don’t recommend them, far from it. With such a wide range of films below is ten of the best…Enjoy!

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Hotel Mumbai | Dir.Anthony Maras

It’s hard most times to something ‘entertaining’ when it’s based on tragic real-life events. Maras film is based on four days of terrorist attacks that left 164 people dead and hundreds more injured. Taking the perspective of the film from witnesses/survivors to remember this should not happen again. That no one is safe from evil and see what happens when evil succeed. This looks engaging, gripping, heart wrenching to see fellow humans be killed for nothing.

Playing Saturday 23rd & Wednesday 27th February | Buy Tickets

Cities Of Last Things | Dir.Wi Ding Ho

You can’t really pinpoint the right reasons why this film appeals to us, but it does. Elements of Noir, Dystopian futures, intertwined with anguish, melodrama and style. Broken dreams and lost love, pitfalls of Urban society, what forces a elderly man plummets to his death from a high-rise apartment block? A fusion of Wong Kar-wai, and Gaspar Noé style and despair, sign me up.

Playing Saturday 23rd & Monday 25th February | Buy Tickets

The Witch: Part 1 – The Subversion | Dir.Park Hoon-jung

This film is describable, not in a bad way but a good way. Korean film from the man who scripted the insane cult horror I Saw The Devil scribe. The film promises to reinvent the action genre, it must have done it well as it was one of the biggest blockbusters in Korea in 2018. Part of a potential franchise, the story centres on Ja-yoon (Kim Da-mi) escaped from a government facility. From here she enters tv fighting contest, which blows her cover which has sinister people on her trail who want to imprison her again. Shares a narrative with the likes of The Running Man, Maze Runner, more darker, violent and visceral.

Playing Saturday 2nd March | Buy Tickets

Out Of Blue | Dir.Carol Morley

Based on Martin Amis’ 1997 novel Night Train. A film of existential angst and murder. Patricia Clarkson plays a female cop who becomes so disturbed she starts to lose her grip on reality. A cerebral neo noir that pays homage to Chinatown and Nicolas Roeg (his son Luc produces).A study of human pain and reflection, if you’ve seen Destroyer, this one might be a nice accompaniment.

Playing Wednesday 27th & 28th February | Buy Tickets

The Quietude | Dir.Pablo Trapero

Trapero’s 2016 Glasgow Film Festival hit took us by surprise, especially the unexpected crazy ending. We find ourselves back in Argentina in the backdrop of a military dictatorship. Bérénice Bejo (The Artist) plays a woman who reunites with her estranged family when her father takes a stroke. Forcing the woman to faces some long dark family secrets. Raunchy melodrama, yes please!

Playing Sunday 24th February | Buy Tickets

Fugue | Dir. Agnieszka Smoczyńska

Agnieszka Smoczyńska’s The Lure which was one of weirdest but brilliant films you’ll, she returns with the follow up.This time no flesh eating mermaids, just a mysterious woman on rail tracks stuck in a fugue state. When she finally finds who she maybe dpes she want to find those who know here?. Visually as gorgeous as The Lure, we might just have another treat in store.

Playing Wednesday 27th & Thursday 28th February | Buy Tickets

The Feeling Of Being Watched | Dir. Assia Boundaoui

We love to boast about our democracy like its second nature. Behind the so called freedom, over in the U.S Kafkaesque bureaucratic process, certain citizens live in fear. Assia Boundaoui’s powerful documentary looks at the Arab-American neighbourhood she grew up in, a community who believe under surveillance for years. In a Trump America probably even more. Unsettling and riveting piece of journalism.

Playing Friday 22nd & 23rd February | Buy Tickets

Complicity | Dir.Kei Chikaura

If someone said to you “have you seen the film that was made by Japanese and Chinese filmmakers and cast?” you would laugh at them. Complicity is that rare film and one worthy of a couple hours of your time. The film follows a Chinese man in search of a better life for himself. He lives illegally in the country with a expensive fake ID and gets a job that mean’t to be for someone else.A film of finding a place you belong, but guilt of how they got there. Richly poetic.

Playing Thursday 28th February & Friday 1st March | Buy Tickets

Daydream Nation | Dir.Lance Bangs

Daydream Nation is regarded as one of the finest Indie releases of the 20th Century. Lance Bigg’s documentary captures the band performing the album back in 1988 in 20 locations, including Glasgow. A mix of personal archive footage, documenting the band in their prime thanks to Super 8 and 16mm footage. Poignant stuff.

Playing on Saturday 23rd February | Buy Tickets

Hole In The Ground | Dir.Lee Cronin

This Irish Chiller is picked up critical plaudits at the recently ended Sundance Film Festival. Some are calling this, ‘the next Hereditary’ the first must see horror of 2019. Disturbingly creepy which will make you fear sinkholes forever.

Playing Thursday 21st & Friday 22nd February | Buy Tickets

The 2019 Glasgow Film Festival will run from 20th February until 3rd March.

Please note some films may now be sold out, tickets were available at the time of print.