TV Review – 101 Dalmatian Street

 TV Review – 101 Dalmatian Street

101 Dalmatian Street 

Author Dodie Smith’s loveable dalmatian creation is back in what is Disney’s second animated television based on the classic novel ‘One Hundred and One Dalmatians’. The show was revealed to audiences attending last year’s Annecy Film Festival, and was described as being “the biggest, messiest family comedy you could imagine”. They weren’t wrong.

Disney’s ‘101 Dalmatian Street’ is a fresh take on the classic tale and for the first time in franchise history takes place in modern day. That’s right, it’s been given a full-on upgrade so it’s gadgets and gizmos galore in this adaptation. The series follows the large family of 101 dalmatians (that’s 2 parents and 99 kids) who live at the titular address in Camden Town, London. As the story goes; their parents, Doug and Delilah, the latter of which is a descendant of Pongo and Perdita are both working dogs and leave the eldest siblings, Dylan and Dolly, in charge while they are busy at work. The dalmatians live by themselves and have free roam of the house with no human supervision at all as their owner Dodie Smith (named after the author), an eccentric billionaire, left them the house and went to live on an island. The house is total chaos so you can expect to spot plenty of clever inventions to help them get by and capers aplenty. What makes the show work the most is the fact that the dogs live by themselves. It’s a crazy concept, one I was initially skeptical about, but it just works.

The show’s animation is stylized and while it isn’t anything particularly fresh or eye-catching, it does work really well with the show’s energy. The humour consists mainly of slapstick and good ol’ doggie puns but it doesn’t feel as stale as you might expect.

As of now, it’s unclear who the villain of the series will be. Whether it’s to be the wicked Cruella de Vil or a descendant of hers, either way, the show has enough humour and cute antics to keep it running until they meet appear. I’m really enjoying this show and it’s certainly nice to see a fresh take on the story after years of nothing new with the franchise. Check the show out if you like lighthearted cartoon comedy. It’s safe to say Disney is certainly getting on the right path with their newest slate of animated shows and trying to please different audiences while maintaining consistent quality.

You can watch the show on Disney Channel and check out the trailer below!

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