Netflix Review – What Keeps You Alive (2018)

Cute couple Jules and Jackie arrive at a woodland cabin to celebrate their first year of marriage. The pairs idyllic life is shattered beyond repair when a ghastly turn of events tests their relationship to unthinkable limits.

Say it with me……. never, ever, ever go to a cabin in the woods to do anything, what so ever, at all with anyone….. ever. These secluded structures are voracious magnets for all things nefarious and nothing good comes of visiting one.

The talented Colin Minihan follows up his cult zombie flick It Stains the Sands Red with a much more mature minimalist shocker that throws stone cold curveballs for fun. No more of the plot will be discussed here as much of the film’s potency derives from an epic rug pull and an elegantly serpentine narrative.

Edited with a shrewd economy and swathed in a diverse, and seriously loud, soundtrack the movie retains its sense of focus even when the protagonists do not.

The cast is committed and capable and does much to keep the picture tonally consistent. Hannah Emily Anderson (Jigsaw) is particularly memorable as Jackie showcasing remarkable range and control.

What Keeps You Alive is the perfect twisty thriller for a late night viewing with friends. Make sure you see it before someone spoils it for you.

Bradley Hadcroft |

Horror, Thriller, LTBGQ | Canada, 2018 | 15| Netflix, Digital Download | Dark Sky Films | Dir: Colin Minihan | Brittany Allen, Hannah Emily Anderson, Martha MacIsaac, Joey Klein, Charlotte Lindsay Marron.

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